Yushisha produces obi sashes interwoven with wisteria fibres, sells Fijifu products, and offers demonstrations and hands-on experience.

Wisteria Village Project

In 2009 we launched the “wisteria garden” to grow wisteria, hoping to make it “wisteria village”. Growing wisteria has been supervised by Konami Tsukamoto. The families in Yushisha and local people help to look after the garden. appreciates the heart of the ancient Japanese culture which lived harmoniously with nature.


Name:   Fuji-no-Sato / Wisteria Village
Place:   28 Amino Amino-cho, Kyotango-shi
Space:   1500㎡ land
        450㎡ wisteria trellis
        98 wisteria trees
Opening:  November 28th, 2009
Director:  Masao Koishihara (Representative of Yushisha)

The growth of wisteria

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