Yushisha produces obi sashes interwoven with wisteria fibres, sells Fijifu products, and offers demonstrations and hands-on experience.


by Master Masao KOISHIHARA

Master Masao Koishihara was born in Tango in 1948 (presently united Kyotango City)

Family owned business started basically in weaving obi sash with silk and he gradually devoted himself into FUJIFU (wisteria textile) which has been widely diffused in our Japanese culture and daily life since old times.


His intention was very clear that he wanted to revive this unique wisteria textile and its technique in modern days once again.

He loves native plant and stresses on hand-made processing including splicing and weaving. His creation never stops to find a best matching and solution harmonized with FUJIFU in contemporary art scene and he challenges to promote his works in France, Belgium, Italy and England.

History of Yushisha

1880 The family started to produce CHIRIMEN (Japanese Crepe Silk Textile)
1986 The 3rd generation Master Masao Koishihara started FUJIFU (handmade wisteria textile)
1991 FUJIFU was designated as “Intangible Cultural Properties” by Kyoto Prefectural Government
1998 Established Atelier’ YUSHISHA (handmade FUJIFU textile manufacturer)’. OBI sash made with wisteria was appointed as a prominent craft by local “TANGO TEXTILE UNION”
1999 Awarded for Excellence in Planning by Kyoto Prefectural Government
2000 FUJIFU has been presented to Their Majesties of Emperor during 20th of Sea Celebration
2001 FUJIFU was appointed as “The Traditional Craft in Kyoto”
2002 FUKURO OBI sash with unique lattice design won “Special Award by Ministry of Economy & Industry, Kinki District Department.
2003 FUKURO OBI sash with layers of FUJI lattice pattern won “Award by Japan Silk & Rayon Textile Association”.
2005 Masao Koishihara assumed a principal post in promotion for Cultural & Art Exchange between Japan and Europe and attended at the Symposium “Germany in Japan 2005/2006”
Continued to do market research in France and Belgium
NAGOYA OBI sash was awarded by Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fishery
2006 Exhibition made at Local to Local Project lead by JETRO in Milan
Exhibition made at Japan Brand, Tango Textiles in Brussels and Paris
Exhibited 4 pieces of Dresses made of OBI sash textile at Royal Museum of Belgium
Masao Koishihara was appointed as “Ambassador” on KIMONO cultural promotion
2007 NHK broadcasted Masao Koishihara’s master work on FUJIFU.
Exhibition made “Japanese Brand, Tango Textiles” in Paris. Since then, annual exhibition has been planned.
2008 Silk Dress prepared by Masao Koishihara with FUJIFU(wisteria fiber) was offered at the reception during “Japan & England 150 year anniversary of diplomatic relations” at British Museum.
2009 Opened the Wisteria Garden assisted by Kyoto Prefectural Government
2010 Mitsuyasu Koishihara, 4th generation was appointed as “Certified Craftsman of Traditional Kyoto Product” by Kyoto Prefectural Government.
FUJIFU and relative weaving utensils was designated as “National Important Tangible Folk Cultural Properties”
2011 Invited to the “Maison D’exceptions in Premiere Vision” in Paris.
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