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Fujifu- the wisteria textile

Since the old times, the clothes and fabrics used in the everyday life of the Japanese people have been made from common plants. A textile so old that it appears in Japanese myths, is wisteria fabric. It is made from the branches of the mountain wisteria. Once made in all the regions of Japan, it declined gradually when cotton appeared. In fact the wisteria textile was thought to have been disappeared from almost everywhere in Japan.

But it was found in a small mountain village called “Seya” in the Tango Peninsular. Later the technique was restored by Masao Koishihara in 1986. With the fibre he made a new obi sash. It was possible as the process of splicing the wisteria fibre, and weaving was known and understood.

A new imaginative modern work was created. Yushisha not only sell our new products, but offer you an opportunity to see the process and a chance to take part in making the fibres yourself.

A certified artisan

Mitsuyasu Koishihara
            Young Fujifu artisan certified by Kyoto Prefecture Masao Koishihara
            Award winning artisan from several organizations

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