Weaving cloth from bers of wisteria vines.

“Fujifu”, made from wisteria bers, is said to be the oldest known fabric in Japan, dating from the prehistoric Jomon period.
It is an old fabric thought to have disappeared due to the rise of cotton, but although it was at the mercy of the changing times, it quietly continued to be woven in a mountain village in Kyoto's Tango region.
Taking considerable time and effort, Japanese wisteria vine bers go through numerous processes to form a single thread of Fujifu.
We insist on using traditional methods, from materials to tools, in order to make and nally weave the thread, so we weave with not only the skills, but also the wisdom and spirit of our predecessors.
Fujifu is alive with the spirit of living together with nature, the starting point of textiles.

  • Kyoto Prefecture Designated Intangible Folk Cultural Property "Tango's FUJI Textile" (1991)
  • Kyoto Prefecture Designated Traditional Crafts "Tango Fujifu" (2001)
  • Nationally Designated Important Tangible Cultural Property "Tango's textile tools and products" (2010)
  • Wearing vitality, the charm of Fujifu.

    Myths related to Fujifu appear in the “Kojiki” (Records of Ancient Matters) and its praises sung in the “Manyoshu” (8th century Japanese poetry anthology), showing that it was loved since ancient times as clothing and everyday goods.
    Wisteria has a strong vitality that you would not imagine from seeing its beautiful blossoms in spring.
    It has also been said that wearing Fujifu would allow one to share that vitality.
    Born from the wisdom of predecessors and a reverence for nature, it gives out a supple beauty and power.
    From a single strand of Fujifu, you can sense the past and the eternal spirit of romantic adventure.

    The beauty of textiles, the possibilities of Fujifu.

    Reflecting light, sensing wind, getting close to people…
    Excellent in durability while readily absorbing moisture, its appeal increases with use.
    As Fujifu is a rare fabric that can never be mass-produced, it is suitable for making products to be treasured for a long time.
    Adding the variety of expressions capable of silk fabrics to a texture with a rustic charm, it is rened into an elegant, modern fabric.
    The origin of Yushisha's products is Japan’s sense of aesthetic beauty, handed down from our ancestors.

    Connecting to the future, Yushisha's Fujifu.

    “Yushisha” is located in Amino Town, Kyotango City, in the northern-most part of Kyoto Prefecture.
    For generations, we have continued silk making techniques here in the Tango region, long famous as a silk producing area, and we are now able to carry on the skills for Fujifu that were on the verge of disappearing.
    In appreciation, we will continue both traditions, creating a unique Fujifu fabric that fuses these techniques.
    By instilling our modern sensibilities into this heritage, we hope to make an even more appealing and new tradition to connect to the next generation.

    Mitsuyasu Koishihara
    Masao Koishihara

    How FUJIFU is made from Wisteria